NACHI launches new more consumer/real estate agent friendly website.

Kind of a consumer softer site to link to on your own websites.

Hey Nick,

I like the look.

Can you also add four point inspections as another service?


Greg, Go to and click the “?” (question mark) next to any of the services offered. See if you can write me up a little paragraph for four point inspections and I will add it in.

Already linked Thanks Nick

Changed my links as well…

Very nice site to link to!! :smiley:


Short, Sweet, and to the Point.

Excellent job!!!

Many members did not like linking directly to from their home inspection websites as is a very inspector-biased trade association site. This new site provides a more consumer-soft entry.


Quick question for you, Nick…I noticed that your listig on teh search feature has a “CRI” attached to your name. Am I correct in assuming that it is for “Certified REsidential Inspector” and is that a designation that NACHI members can use or did you have other training that allows you to use it?

Thanks! ANd thank you for the new site.

Nick’s a realtor as well. Maybe it’s supposed to be the realtor designation, “GRI” Graduate Realtor Institute…