NACHI Platinum Plus MasterCard offer being sent to members.

A WorldPoints NACHI Platinum Plus MasterCard offer with a 0.0% rate on cash advance checks & balance transfers is being sent to all members. Look for it in the mail.

Yeah, yeah, I know… it is junk mail to some.

Are we guaranteed pre-qualified for it?

You got that right. Take all credit cards and put them where the sun don’t shine. :smiley:

Worst thing ever created. Well except for cabbage…

You have got to be kidding…

No seriously. It may be a luxury for some to be able to turn down an offer like that. For others, it may be the safety net they need.

I’m trying to very carefully repair my FICO score and every application to anything drops my score. So I’m not going to apply for something I am not positive I will qualify for.

Understand. Doubt very much if it will be.

I like those Pre-Qualified loans. Especially the ones that send me big checks of $40,000.00 or more of Pre-Qualified quick cash to do whatever I want with. Just sign and cash it.

Worldpoints does not pre-guarantee any credit card until you apply with your social security number, estimated income, etc. They determine credit worthiness after the application is made.

There are no guarantees regarding these credit cards.

PlanetNACHI… resistance to Spam unwanted phone calls and now junk mail is futile"

Thanks Bill,

Makes sense.

Well thanks for the kind offer Nick but I do not need a new credit card so could you kindly ask them not to send me any of there junk mail please.

Try putting a few lead fishing weights in the “postage paid” return envelope. Be sure you have at least 1.1 oz’s of extra weight.:mrgreen:

Actually Wendy, because of online applications for credit, the number of applications for credit doesn’t affect your credit score negatively like it did last year.

You see, some online credit card offerers were submitting your application to hundreds of card companies in an effort to find you a credit card for which they would then charge a high fee for. The problem wasn’t the $75 processing fee. The problem was that, up until very recently, your credit score was diminished if you applied for credit too many times over a short period of time. So a fella with decent credit, who fills out one online application, appeared to TransUnioin and Equifax to have filled out hundreds of applications. The issue is, for the most part, now resolved, and credit scores aren’t so negatively affected by multiple recent applications, like they were last year.

BTW: If anyone is having trouble getting their credit score up, start a thread. I can help. I know much about the subject as I am involved in a credit card company.

Well maybe I will try to get that card. I don’t have any…and I need a vacation. :O)

Wendy, if you were ever involved in a domestic violence situation… you basically get perfect credit restored. Bet you didn’t know that one, huh? Email me personally if you don’t want to get into it on the mb.

If anyone has a fair credit score and wants a great credit score, start a new thread about it (we’re off topic here) and I’ll tell you a little Nick secret that no one ever heard of. Works every time.

Hey Nick:

Do us Canucks qualify for the NACHI card or are we destined to continue using icecubes to trade with them Eskimos? :-({|=

my FICO score is 0 …should it be higher…:slight_smile:

lol…go figure…lol

Yer braggin now Paul. :wink:

Nick, You will have mail shortly! I am saving you a kiss and a hug or two if you can perform a miracle like that. Omg, I’ll be so grateful!

braggin?…is 1,000,000,000 considered high…I only know it because I just bought my wife the new Maxima…lol…they ended up telling me my score.