NACHI Premium Merchandise, run by NACHI member Wendy Forsyth.

Please keep the money in the family.

Awesome! I’m gonna order a case of these to pass on to select clients and agents. What an ice-breaker that will be! :smiley: :cool:

Most promotional items are designed to be worn and “seen”…yes?

Who will model this one?

You of course Tony!

Awesome idea Michael!

I was thinking that it would be a great idea to have the teddy bears in the car and hand them out to children at open houses and stuff. Not to mention buttons, magnets, etc. There are more items coming, so keep checking back!

Also, every item you see can be personalized to your own business. Send me the largest copy of your logo you can by email and I will personalize and NACHI up whatever you require.

NACHI members receive a five percent discount on all items, even bulk!

Thanks Nick!!! :slight_smile:

Do they come in flavors?:stuck_out_tongue:

NACHI thongs, unreal.

We only have to report on things that can be seen, but there are times when we can, and should, exceed the SOPs.:wink:

Let’s see…

There was $180.00 for a license plate, $29.00 for shirt, $15.00 application fee,
7% Florida State Tax
Y’all you owe me $231.00

JK :wink:

Uh…how about a Calendar with your pic on it?


I think our personalized plates only cost $25 in Wa. But it’s been a long time since I checked into it. I will definitely be getting NACHI plates.

Todd…you want me to throw in a flavor pack?


I prefer blackberry.:smiley:

How come there is no mens mesh thongs?

Because we women prefer men in boxers.

Will you guys never learn? shaking head:wink:

I thought women preferred boxer briefs now?

see above post Tony. :wink:

Maybe, but I look gooooood in a mans thong!!:roll:

Yes, you do, you really, really do…


Nick in a thong…:vomit: …LOL :lol: Just kidding…

Wow, Wendy, didn’t you just join NACHI? I thought you were a home inspector, not another NACHI vender.

I am NOT a vendor. Not traditionally. I AM a home inspector. I am just beginning my home inspection business and this is a way to support my family who is about to be homeless, as well as donate a portion of my proceeds to support NACHI.

Interesting, does NACHI need donations now? So if we buy your merchandise your family won’t be homeless? Just curious…Good luck…sorry to hear of your trying times.