NACHI Puerto Rico Booth

Here are a few pictures of the NACHI’s Puerto Rico Booth in the Property EXPO of the Municipality of Caguas. Mary F. Ayuso - President of Nachi was the main speaker for the EXPO. The Mayor of the city and all Program Directors, community leaders and the people from the vicinity and the town participated.


Well done!

Impressive. Congratulations!

Very cool, congrats!

Thank you all. We had a lot of visitors in our Booth and we were sponsored by The Caguas, town Housing Department. The Mayor of the City William Miranda Torres in our booth and donating housing to the people who qualified thru a Federal program all homes were inspected by NACHI Puerto Rico as a donated service.
We had a wonderful time and are very thankful for all the support of participants and the Housing Department.




Good job! How many IN inspectors are there in PR?

Do you also have conspectors? Licensing?