NACHI Real Estate Newsletter

The latest real estate newsletter has started sending. It’ll take approximately 48 hours for the entire queue to get sent. I’ll let y’all know when the mailing is done.


48 hours! Wow.

Nice work Chris!

583 contacts on the way! If this was happening more regular, I’d take the time to add a bunch more addresses.

Any comment on the plan for more?

Member John Onofrey has a regularly sent one that I think is really good.

Hey Erby,

Upload your emails at the end of each day. I’ve only been a member for 16 months and have over 18,000 client addresses in the database.

Nick has stated the e-newsletter program is up and running again. We need “Content”. New, fresh, inovative content. I’ve sent Nick serveral ideas from the membership here in California. If you have any ideas email them to Nick. It’s a great program. Chris has the e-newsletter system working great and it’s one of the marketing benefits included in our NACHI membership dues…

Yep, there were a bunch of us who sent in articles for use, but new ones are always welcome and needed.
With NACHI sending them out, John O (see my link, bottom of sending HHN, and we sending our own, it adds up to a good number of RR “bops” per month!

Last night some new cool features were added to the system including the ability for members to review and edit their list of real estate agent email addresses.

Members can also now download their list into an Excel file, manipulate, and upload them back easily.

Here’s one of the responses received today from the e-newsletter yesterday:

Dear Will,
I received your newsletter and I thought it was full of good information. Would you like to have your newsletter on my website? I have a buyers page and I think it would be great to have a link to your newsletter.
Also, do you do inspections in the Palm Springs area? I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Realtor,
Catherine Marcy
RE/MAX Real Estate Consultants

I’ve received (7) responses today regarding the e-newsletter. (1) negative email, (2) positive emails and (4) positive phone calls. I received (5) inspection orders today. On two of the orders, the first topic of conversation was the e-newsletter. The one negative email, was a complaint with regard to content issues about “Buyers Agents”.

This is a “Great” program. Thank you to Chris and Nick for the opportunity to continue use of the program and to expand its reach and benefits to real estate professionals, the home buying and selling public and the NACHI membership.

Nice Will, how many did you send?


WOW, I think I only have 10 loaded.:shock:

2 days ago:
When my secretary told my client and his Agent that I would be sending out the report by email the Agent asked if he would be put on a list for e- advertising. She said not going to happen and he was pleased as he said he get’s so much crap from vendors??? Thats 1 of maybe 550+ agents I have delt with.

I still do not like the news letter. If you are going to send it to Agents make it Agent specific. And if all was good
you would send a sample to members for approval before sending it out.

I guess that werte John O. comes in.:cool:

I started uploading the address’s to NACHI a little bit each night after work. I’ve been doing that consistantly for the past 16 months. I’m a firm believer the future of our business is in the internet and the paperless environments. In the past month I’ve received 2 inspection orders from client’s in Italy, 1 from Japan and 2 from Canada, (Each pre-paid via PayPal - I love PayPal). Not to mention dozens of inspection orders from out of state. It’s a changing business environment, we need to be at the front of the wagon, not the rear.


I concur.

Why can’t we make these emails R/E agent friendly? It’s not that complicated.

NACHI can simply start taking material from here… ](

The newsletter finished sending at 7:20 AM EST today. I’m glad to hear there has already been a positive response.

Hey David,

The other three e-newsletters were more realtor friendly. I’m more interested in the content being acceptable to “Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Professionals”. By reading threads and posts throughout this board, it appears the membership would like to obtain inspection orders from other sources than Realtors. The way to do that, is by contacting the home buying public. We all have agents who only use us for inspections. But I can take that next inspection away from you by dealing with the “Buyer” up stream of you and your Realtor client. It works! I do it everyday…

I never received the newsletter? I uploaded my email address to track when newsletters were being sent out. Was the newsletter sent to all uploaded email addresses?

I would like to see emails flavored for the Realtors only. Others would like to see emails flavored for Buyers or Sellers. So, I think the next step (in this newly developed email system) would be to decide which email letter gets sent out. Home Owner or Realtor letter.

Maybe give NACHI members a choice of which letter (of several) to send out.

Hey David,
That’s exactly what I thought and stated in the other thread regarding this letter. Good idea.

Hey David & James, Nick & Staff have been asking for input from the members for over a year now on Articles to go out.

There have also been other discussions leading up to this in other thread for the past month or so. Chris even gave warning in several threads as well as nick on that it was going out soon and what article was selected. The posts were in both the members-only threads and General threads.

I do see where your coming from, James. You don’t like the letter sent and thats completely understandable. I for one saw where agents loved the “Three Deadly Mistakes.” During the winter Nick & Deanna were sending promo items to realtors of NACHI members. All you had to do was ask them to send a package to a certain real estate office of your choosing and they would send the package with your name on it. This brochure was included. Amazingly I received outstanding responses from the Realtors just on that brochure.

Anyway, I’m sure there is points to be taken both ways (pro’s & cons). Thats with anything really.

If you want a specific letter or material to go out, then just suggest it or write it. Nick has been asking members (and so has Will) for their input. So lets not get to terribly upset at a benefit that we have a choice in participating in or not and one that asks for our input and we don’t give our input until it is over and done with. So start sending those articles or suggestions to Nick for the next one. Let’s move forward and make it better:) .

Just my Un-confrontational 2.5cents of opinion that doesn’t mean anything harmfull.:smiley: