Nick Or Ben Can you comment on this ?
Guys I find it quite disturbing that nobody will comment on a legit question regarding a feature that NACHI offers its members.

What answer would you like to hear.?

Define “use”.

I didn’t know iNACHI offered a newsletter…

These pages have been here for awhile, but I have never seen a newsletter.

Nachi really needs to clean-up alot of the ‘junk’ pages on it’s site. At least bring the pages such as the “benefits” pages current.

If you log in to your back office you will see the option as the other Jee posted above also…:cool:

I still get some kind of Nachi newsletter every month sent to my email. There used to be a printed newsletter but by the time we got it most of it had already been hashed over in the message boards section. I have found that most if not all the time, all you have to do is ASK for something and it will get taken care of by one of the staffers at iNachi. I usually don’t post that kind of request on the message boards but use an email straight to Nick or the staff.

Correct. We put out an enewsletter every month like clockwork. Here is last month’s.

I asked about this feature back in 2009 here is the message from my inquiry.

Whenever a member provides us with a good article, but don’t wait. is for you to send newsletters any time you want.


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I have several agents emails entered into the system and I have my own so that when a newsletter goes out I can see it, and know what has been sent out on my behalf.
So far I have not seen 1 newsletter go out from this feature you are asking about.
Like Nick said - Don’t wait on INachi you can send out your own.](“”)

Nick… are you saying that the eNewsletter I get monthly, is the same that gets sent to Realtors, Buyers, etc…??? :shock:

OK so what you guys are asking is if NACHI has a newsletter offered for free that will compete with J.O’s Home Hints constant contact type service.

I recall that was discussed but never went anywhere and some members accused John of having a hand in killing the idea.

That would be a big feat to pull off under present membership fees I would imagine but am just guessing.

Bob… look at the links in my post above. These are “live” pages on the InterNachi website. The newsletter is listed as a “Membership Benefit”. If it’s not an active newsletter, the pages and all references to it should be removed.

Yes very cool Jeff but I think the question is can it be sent out automatically to a list of recipients like Home Hints. Correct me if I am wrong.
They want more than ability to forward but to have it automatic without constant contact fee from what I am getting out of this.

Bob it IS offered in your NACHI back office as a Membership Benefit. So all I was asking is to see a copy of it so I could see if it was something worthy of using. Now if it is no longer a benefit that is offered then so be it, all I did was ask…:wink:

Oh, that newsletter. I don’t want to turn this thread into another big debate, but here it is in a nutshell (as best as I can recollect): I wanted to revamp our agent newsletter into something huge. I brought in my friend Peter Tafeen (yes, I know he is an ex convict :roll:) to build it. He built and HomeStore, the two biggest sites for agents. When members discovered my plan to offer the thing for free (as just another member benefit), many began complaining that it would put an existing member’s (John Onofrey’s) similar service out of business and that providing our system for free would be wrong. In an effort to be sensitive to the feelings of the membership, I instructed Peter to cut a deal with the competing service or buy him out and shut it down. Peter, who is used to handling multi-billion dollar buyouts, didn’t have the bedside manner (IMHO) to succeed and it caused a big commotion, with an overwhelming percentage of members participating in the discussion to side against Peter and I. So, with hundreds of other membership benefits that I could develop, I canceled this project. I now recommend After the ordeal, John Onofrey graciously provided InterNACHI with many of his articles: Members who wish to create their own enewsletters are welcomed to use: at no charge.

Nick you have many services that compete with vendors but (oh never mind):slight_smile:
I think a minority few were just mad that they paid for something and wanted to not let everyone else join the newsletter crowd for nothing.
I am now out of this thread.ha ha.

I’m right behind ya.

Thanks Nick for the explanation, I understand now.:cool:

Nick and Bob are you. Do a search back in the message board. We had a newsletter long before Nick hired his convicted felon friend.

James E Braun accuses Bob and I of insinuating that no newsletter existed before I hired my friend to revamp it when James writes:

I never said we didn’t. Like I said in my post (read it slower James), I hired my friend to “revamp” it. Something has to exist first for it to be “revamped.” Look up the definition of “revamp.”

Anyway, we instead decided to provide members with well-written articles so that they can create their own newsletters for their own local markets: As far as I can tell, we are adding new articles to the pool faster than any member is sending out newsletters… so members will never have to use the same article twice.