NACHI runs full page ad in FREA's Communicator (140,000 copies shipping this week).

I am pleased to announce that NACHI has taken out a full page ad in FREA’s Communicator Magazine which ships this week. The Communicator goes to inspectors, appraisers, REALTORs, and lenders. See page 25 when you get your copy.

Coming on the heels of their announcement that we’re #1, I’m not surprised!

When are they shipping it?

For those who don’t get the copies mailed, will HQ be able to post a PDF of the “HI Orgs Rated” article that we can all download? It would be great for us to all have as reprints to distribute!

VERY good idea!

Nick, I’m with Wendy, please send me a copy.
Thank you.

** FREA’s Communicator go out to FREA’s member only right. I’m not a member with FREA’s so I would like a copy please.**

Russ, did you mean that we should pay FREA (via this ad) since they ranked NACHI #1 for something?

Doesn’t that hint at a conflict of interest, or lack of objectivity? I know that anyone can buy an ad at any time, but maybe this should have waited until the next issue?

Also, the ad…is it about hiring NACHI inspectors, or - - since this is a trade mag - is it simply geared at signing up new members?

Joe, since I didn’t say it, I obviously don’t mean what you are hinting at.
Also, I have seen nothing aside from what is posted here, so I have no details.
I’m not a part of HQ or policy.

Joe M. unwittingly makes an argument for leaving ESOP independent :smiley: .