NACHI shirts for sale...

We have polo’s & long sleeved NACHI shirts for sale now. The polo’s are $20 & the long sleeved shirts are $25. Shipping is free (priority mail) and both styles are available in maroon, navy, or green. The sizes are M-XL. We accept any type of credit card or check. Call me directly to order at 720.519.0801 or email :smiley:

Here’s the link to view them…

Lisa, I see Maroon & Navy, but what color of green is it? Grass green, Dark (forest) green or a light green? Can we see a photo of it too?

Do they say anything on the back like the t-shirts do?

Just thought I’d ask. :cool:

the shirts are forest green (dark). The link to the pics is in the previous post.:slight_smile: