InterNACHI "inspector" shirts, coming soon!

looks good Nick!
love the navy

Looks good. Don’t skimp on the t-shirt quality and I’m sure there will sell well.

What he said, and I want some.

Nick do some in polo and give us the option to add our company logo to it. I’ll take a black one :wink:

Hey Guys,
We are starting out with t-shirts, but we are definitley going to do some polos and some long-sleeve canvas button up shirts. We are going to start a whole store, so let us know what you want!

P.S. The t-shirts are really nice, heavy cotton and great quality.

I would like to see a Black T-Shirt with white lettering. Also, would like to see a good quality polo shirt with just basic INACHI logo on the right chest, so we can place our company logo on the left chest. Black of course :slight_smile:



Look great Nick. How soon?

Take a look at the site, for ideas on what to offer.
They’ve been very good to me, for several purchases over the last couple years. Minimums of 4 pieces, and logo uploads/embroidery are free with the order. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d take five.

Pocket. So camera hanging around my neck doesn’t just flop around.

Those would be great “prizes” to give away at a Real Estate CE course…:mrgreen:;-):wink:

I would only order some if they had that “slimming” feature - you know, the one that hides the belly -

How about…



I bet those would sell too.

Two points.

  1. Make them button down shirts. Tradesmen wear tee-shirts. They do the work. We inspect the work. We wear regular shirts.

  2. Make them in Orange.

Nuff said.