NACHI.TV commercial for Inspectors

Hi Guys!

Due to OVERWHELMING response, here is how this will work:

We are going to start in Colorado. If you can get to Boulder, CO on August 31st, then we will shoot your commercial at the studio.

If you are out of state, get with your Chapter President. Decide on a day that will work for your chapter, get a group together, and we will come to you! We’ll set up in a hotel in your area and shoot these one by one.

We are also working on a new site aside from NACHI.TV. It will not have the border or header. So this will be a commercial just for you!

Thanks for your responses, guys.

Sounds great Valerie.

Are you ready to come back to Orlando?

I am.

I’ll be in West Pasco on the 12th of September speaking to the Board of REALTORs.

Is that close?

I will be there, But what time do we start to show up at the studio?

hey Nick

That is over by Tampa.

I would like to schedule a date for Orlando. I will get as many inspectors there as you can handle.

I am in Greg.

Texas is waiting for you Valerie.

Hi Valerie!

Next week We have a State Chapter meeting and I will bring this up to our membership. I am sure that the response will be great!
We look forward to seeing you in New Hampshire!

I am the speaker at the General Membership Luncheon, West Pasco Board of REALTORs.
I will be speaking at the General Membership Luncheon of the West Pasco Board of REALTORs in Tampa, Florida on September 12, 2007. About 180 agents will be in attendance to learn why it is important to recommend NACHI members exclusively.
When are you coming to New Hampshire to address our Realtors?

Let me know and I’ll be there. I see we have the same hair dresser.
Any news on when the chapter is going to start to get active again?