NACHI.TV convinces 2 states to accept online video courses for approved continuing ed

I am pleased to announce that NACHI.TV has convinced 2 states that have previously refused to approve online courses for CE purposes, to begin accepting applictions for online video courses (produced by NACHI.TV) for continuing education of licensed inspectors.

NACHI.TV is now seeking specific approval for some of its online video courses from these states and it appears that NACHI.TV will be the first to get such online video courses approved in these states.

Once approved, NACHI.TV will post a formal announcement revealing the states and online video courses available.

Soon inspectors will be acquiring all of their state mandated CE by taking courses from home, in their pajamas.

And… again… you have done what others said could not be done. Good job.

What states do approve them now?

We’re creating an online X Y graph of all our online courses, classroom courses, teleconference courses, and video course vs. all the states that have granted CE approval for each course. I’ll have it up by next week.

Our courses are so good that we have never had a single application rejected. At the pace we’re going with getting approvals I believe we’ll have over 300 courses approved (about 1,500 CE hours) by year’s end giving InterNACHI more state CE approvals than the rest of the entire inspection industry combined.

Don’t forget us in New Hampshire!

With Licensing just around the corner this will be of a great benefit to ALL home Inspectors in our State.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you are giving up Frank, there is always Georgia.

Yeah Frank, don’t give up till it’s over.

I hope you have not over looked your neighbor State Okla I have mandated CE classes to complete by 7-08 or I will be spanked. I travel 85 miles to Tulsa VO TECH to accomplish this every year and am tired of taking the same framing class every year for my CE (limited choices) I am holding your feet to the fire.:smiley:

NJ will now accept 10 hours per licensing session per inspector.

Well back to the VO Tech for some more 2X4 CE:(