Enter your state home inspection license here, and we'll auto submit your CEs.


… and we’ll auto submit any of our online or video courses that you take and pass to the states for CE purposes. If you are licensed in more than one state you can enter more than one state.

And the great ideas just keep on coming!!!

What if your state does not require license, such as pa?

Good Luck with Massachusetts, Nick.

They will not approve association credits, only individual instructors.

What are “association credits” ?

Mass already approved one of our courses and we’ve submitted 2 more www.nachi.org/advancedcourses.htm

Don’t most states require that the course be approved before you take it.?

And pass a proctored exam before you get any CE hours?

Yes, most states require that the course be approved. We have many dozens of course approvals now.

No, most states do not require proctoring. Online, video, and correspondence courses are accepted by most licensed states.

I guess the question is…does iNACHI cross-reference the course taken & passed to the appropriate state’s approved course list before sending them notification that the member has taken & passed the course? I don’t think I would want my state licensing agency getting notification unless it were an approved course.

Michael, yes. In fact, the states don’t want data from courses they don’t approve.

It is interesting to note that in the history of InterNACHI, we have not had a single state refuse to approve any of our courses. Says much for the quality of our courses, and with video, they are getting even better www.nachi.org/advancedcourses.htm

We hava as a goal, to provide all the continuing education for the inspection industry worldwide.

great idea Nick.

are you going to send out a confirmation that it was sent to our state commission so we can follow up? with TREC if you don’t send things certified mail they tend to never receive them so that would be my concern. i have heard of so many tx inspectors having problems with their mailroom.


Please don’t play with me. You know what association credits are, and you know that Massachusetts Board of HI’s will not approve iNACHI CEC’s. They only approve individual instructors, one at a time.

Yes, they did approve two courses where two individuals came to Boston and presented their course outline directly to the board. These courses were approved only because the individuals appeared before the board and personally went over their course outline to the board members.

They absolutely will not approve on-line courses in any way whatsoever. We already went through this dilemma several years ago.

Times have changed… thanks to InterNACHI.

Illinois must be one that does.



InterNACHI and the Illinois State Chapter are pleased to announce we are now providing
ON- LINE CONTINUING EDUCATION, approved, or pending approval, for Illinois State CEU credits.

These ON -LINE CONTINUING EDUCATION classes are FREE to all InterNACHI members, except as may be noted. (Some authors may require payment)

Proctored exams, as required for Illinois State CEU credits, will be given at convenient locations, approximately every 60 days.

There will be a minimal fee for the proctored course exams.

Any number of proctored course exams may be taken on the same proctoring day, within the specified hours.

Please visit http://www.nachi.org/state_ce.htm for course descriptions and number of possible accredited hours.

There are approximately 12 new courses pending State of Illinois approval, and several more being completed.

This will be a continuing “work in progress”. Please submit your comments, questions, or ideas to the following Illinois State Chapter Members.

Illinois is on that does http://www.nachi.org/moreillinoislicenses.htm.

Thanks Nick :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure how this worked. I need 12 CEU credits by Nov. Apparently I will be able to take the approved I-Nachi courses and then the proctored exam. Which is better than driving a few hundred miles, for most courses in my state, and paying several hundred dollars.:shock: :mrgreen:

Are things in the works with TREC?

To date NACHI courses don’t show up on their site

TREC approved:








I wish NYS would approved video, and on-line correspondence courses for Home Inspectors. It took them several years to approve it for Realtors, and they mandated that ARELLO approval (US Dept. of Education Approval for On-Line Real Estate Classes) be granted. They further required an added approved for appraisers (IDECC Approval- a sub division of Arello which certifies on-line classes for appraisers and now I heard even chiropractors).

The costs were high, but the fact that it was reviewed, time tested, and validated showed the professional community, that the course was viable. For example, if a student finishes a program, but finishes the program early- in less time than it was approved for, the school, but notify the student that they failed to meet the real estate ce time requirement. And each section is time and use tested, so someone can’t just turn the computer on and walk away. It locks the system up and logs the student out within minutes, as per their regs.

With computer technology comes a new era of regulations and requirements. I am sure once New York State decides on the final standard of practice in NYS, (still being reviewed and allowed to submit comments) and finalized the licensing program regulations, they will probably take a good look at dstant learning for Home Inspectors. I am sure it will need ARELLO or IDEC approval, which may be a good way of having NYS look at it. It InterNACHI got ARELLO or IDEC approval, it would show the fact that it meets the regs they already use for othe disciplines.

Even traditional courses for Home Inspectors in a classroom which is not directly part of the NYS licesning law has been rejected to date, including Legal Issues and The HOme Inspector, Types of Inspections for the Working Home Inspector, etc. These 2 classes were submiited by me personally, and although they would have served the Home Inspection Community ell, neither were approved since they wer outsie the scope of the licensing law.

Much luck and success. InterNACHI has the clout to make it happen if it can happen in NYS.

For the benefit of NYS Licensed Home Inspectors. It you take a course, and it is not approved by NYS, they wil NOT grant credit for the course. The course, the location, the materials, and the instructor must be pre-approved and NYS issues a NYS Approval code, which states beth the course name, number, hours and even the location approved.

NYS is now fining appraisers, brokers, salespersons (and as I was told) Home Inspectors if they renew their license and do not meet the required approved NYS Home Inspection CE Requirements. The most recent fine I saw was $ 2,000 for non compliance of an appraiser who took classes in real estate which were not approved for appraisers in NY State.

Here is a pdf file from TREC that list NACHI as a provider and all of the courses.

My TREC Approved MCE Instructor number is 881050528

Thermal Imaging & Building Science = 16 hours CE credits.