NACHI TV got a check for $100,000.00 today!

JM of PRO-LAB called me last week out of the blue and told me he was sending NACHI a check to support the project. Today I received a check for $100,000.00!!!

Thanks PRO-LAB!

Thats what they did with my check

Party Time :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:shock:

I got the newsletter in my email today and really am looking forward to seeing how this all works.

BTW…nice clip Nick…and your hair looks fine…but you’re losing it…live with it like the rest of us! :slight_smile:


that is a lot of money, should just about cover the Commercial training :wink:

Seriously, That is a very generous piece of sponsorship.

Thanks Jamie



Sure is nice to have great friends .
I am sure NACHI can find a good place to spend some of it .
Thanks to Pro-lab…
Roy Cooke

I just received the e-mail!!!
Great news. Can someone tell Dale:D :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear Saint Nick,
Cash the check, stuff the dollar-lolly in a bag, catch the next flight to La-la-land, and stuff it down my chimney, your newest best friend, Keith.
Seriously, a generous gift that will continue to fuel NACHI’s space ship. Thanks, Jamie

I think we’re all Nick’s new best friends. :wink:

Thank you Pro-Lab! You are awesome!!!


Shhhhhhhhhhh !!
If jharris and company find out about this sponsorship, you’re toast.

I recommend deny, deny, deny.

Tell them that’s your story and you’re sticking to it.

I could just lick his ear.

PIC of JM & Nick at recent ITA show in Vegas:


Remind me not to drink out of the same glass as Nick.

That would make a great picture to help the last
remaining members of ASHI to come join the
party over here at NACHI.

Very generous. Thanks Pro-Lab!

WOW…now with $ 100,000.00 NICK can afford to fly me out…and still have a few dollars let over for PIZZA…Awesome !

lol…great news NICK…you are a mover and a shaker…:slight_smile:

Thanks Pro Lab…for all you do…THIS BUD’s for you !