InterNACHI and NACHI.TV's biggest announcement ever!!!!

I am very pleased to announce that ALL of www.NACHI.TV (how to episodes, member promo videos, interviews, industry announcements, and advanced inspection training courses) are now free for all InterNACHI members. Access to all of www.NACHI.TV is now an InterNACHI member benefit.

InterNACHI members can now access all of www.NACHI.TV using their member username and password. Forgot your password?

Existing monthly subscribers will not have their credit cards billed again.

Your membership in InterNACHI just got a whole lot more valuable.


Great News.

Thanks Nick

Thank you Nick.

wow, thanks Nick

Best value of any association

It even includes all our high-end, advanced video courses too.

Awesome. I cannot wait to watch the videos. It has been months since I have seen them. I need to catch-up.

Also, just so there are no issues… today, I canceled www.NACHI.TV 's entire credit card merchant account so that no member ever gets billed again.

That is awesome Nick!

very nice!!

This place just keeps giving and giving.

Thanks Nick

Another package showed up today. SuperBowl winnings I think. :wink:

Wow! Thanks Nick!!

I paid for a Year best thing I ever did just got better .
Thanks Nick and NACHI now I will never sleep watching non stop.
Smooth move for all .


Now if you would just send us popcorn…

Thanks Nick… this just ensures that the members are getting the proper and best education.


I can’t believe it!!!

That figures! I just donated my money the first of the year so I could do unlimited viewing for the year.
It should have been included with the membership. I think it is great that everybody can take advantage of the best training around.