Name that nest!

This nest was in the attic of a 1973 single level home.

Per a sticker at the kitchen cabinet, a pest inspection had reported no (active) infestation on 02/07/2007… (no treatment recommended)

I found no red flags during my initial inspection (perimeter, walls, sheet rock, etc…) to hint at an infestation, so this caught me by suprise!

Granted, during the winter, this nest is a ghost town… My thought is that once spring arrives, this must be a seasonal “Club Med” for swarming termites…

Of course I probed further and confirmed wood damage consistant with prior termite activity at the framing… though, no definative tubes or frass were visable…

If anyone has input or experience with this type of nesting, I would appreciate your comments…




That seems like a bee or wasp nest. It’s hard to tell from the pics. It’s unlikely that swarming termites would form a nest or colony in an attic. They need a direct line to moisture. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Formosan termites do not require a connection to the ground. I have seen smaller versions of nests built by Formosan termites like that on the exteriors of buildings in Hawaii. I see no reason why they couldn’t be in attics also.

Jim King


Not sure where this house was but Formosan termites have been identified in Wylie last year. It was a fairly bad infestation of several homes on the same block. Not to say your situation was termites, could have been wasps as I battle those a lot out here in the country.

Wylie termite infestation notice:

Also, as James has pointed out these termites do not necessarily require ground contact. They have been found in upper levels of structures where moisture is an issue.

Good point James. I guess I was restricting my comment to the northeast - we don’t have Formosan termites and I’m not familiar with them. Sorry if I misled anyone. :slight_smile:

My first impression would be wasps or hornets, but I am also unfamiliar with formosan termites. I am also having trouble seeing much detail in the picture. If it’s wasps, they usually do not reuse nests, but would likely rebuild very near it.

Figure 3. Formosan termite carton nest

It’s possible, send out the bug guy.