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You guys did a bang-up job on my other site page…
Please check this one for problems.


Dave, should this say… This is fine???

More Efficient Appliances:
This is a fine when you must change out an appliance, but is not a cost-effective approach to Energy Savings.

Dave, I have a question. The picture of the flue vent, what did you set the emissivity value at and what was the material.

Site looks great by the way, nice job.

Yes it should, thanks!

I pulled these scans as JPG files that were used in reports.

I don’t have that information.

What did you need to know?

I can go find the original (stored on a backup server).

I actually plan to change that pic to a better “back-draft” scan, once I locate it in my files.

The temp of that flue was above my camera limits and there is just a “white-out” on the scan.

Material is Galv. B-Vent with foil tape.

I was wondering if you set the emissivity when you look at flue vents or do you leave the camera on auto.

I was inspecting a house for heat loss and left the camera on auto but shot the image just above the vent instead of directly at it.

I hardly every use “auto” except to get-in-range.

I never set anything on the camera!

I “ALWAYS” put the scan through the computer software!

All I worry about is the focus and the RAT.

I do distance as required.

I always collect environmental conditions.

This scan may or may-not have been corrected.

I find the hardest thing is Focus. These “old eyes” mess with me all too much!

Dave, just for discussion, let’s leave out the software. How would you accurately measure the temperature of the galvanized flue pipe wrapped with foil tape with a furnace running for 15 minutes?

I’m just asking because of your knowledge of not only HVAC but thermography as well.

Thanks, Pete

PS, the eye site thing sucks, doesn’t it!!! Also, sorry for the thread drift

Peter, Let me find the scan.

I have been on the phone all day with lawyers, agents, clients, contractors and the corporate VP in Atlanta who is coming up here Friday! ](*,)

I’m beat! :bug:

I will do this a little later, OK?

Sorry you didn’t have the time. Thought it would be interesting.

I will get to it, because it is in fact of interest.

My plate is a bit full right now…
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