New IR Video

David. Thanks for the input. This has been a good lesson for me. I put this video together for its entertainment value and overlook a very important part of qualitative “versus” quantitative.
This had come across my mind at one time but i did not think of it this way.
I did not think that others would not see things the way i do…

Always good to try even if you mess up a time or 2 or 3 or 4.

Back to the work bench. I got the point


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Don’t think many homeowners would watch that video… even I couldn’t make it to the end.
$95.00 ouch

Ron, I’m sorry but I’ll have to call you on this one…

What are you trying to show here?

Not enough information for one.

Air infiltration has a pattern. Don’t see it.
I see thermal bridging patterns not moisture.
Roof leak? I’ll let you give the moisture readings to support that.

That hot plug is hot because of the excessive load you put on it. Any circuit will get hot at that load. The power cord is as hot as anything in the scan. What does that tell you? Is a 90 degree direct reading (not corrected for E) under a 100% (+) load really a concern? I don’t think so.

I see camera tuning to the extremes going on. I can create a Forrest fire too.

I think you have a lot of work before you get to the $95 mark.

Sorry. No deal.

You may have something here, but my untrained eye does not see most of it.
Could be poor camera resolution.

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