Nashville Home Inspection

While conducting an inspection in Nashville Tennessee, and came across this situation which rather shocked me!

The house was extremely well-built.
It was only a few years old.

Using my infrared thermal imaging camera, like a flashlight looking into the dark, I came across this rather large moisture issue in a ceiling within a closet in the bedroom.

On the second floor, a shower was located.
During the inspection I ran hot water in the shower for almost an hour. No indication of water was identify through thermal imaging.

Obviously, the source of this moisture intrusion is not associated with the bath room shower which is located above.

There was absolutely no staining, peeling, cracking or deterioration of texture ceiling materials apply to the closet ceiling.

The size of the stain was considerably large for the amount of apparent leakage.

Electronic moisture testing indicated substantial elevated moisture readings (only in the immediate area) of the apparent leakage.

The source of the leakage was not located, but the fact that a water leak was present was in fact disclosed.

All too often, home buyers attempt to save a few dollars in closing costs on their real estate purchase. In this case, a $1 million home had a nonvisual water leak located by infrared thermal imaging and verified by “contact” moisture meter readings.

Who would be first to blame for this water leakage when eventually the bedroom ceiling collapsed from water damage deterioration?


Nice find.

Could that be an uninsulated A/C pressure line touching the ceiling surface?

Yes, it could.

No, It was not.

It’s only drywall. Did you recommend an invasive inspection?

But of course!

The homeowner was not available so my inspection stopped there.