Nathan & Dominic: Does HON reveal or sell our client's information to alarm salesmen?

In other words, if I’m a member who signs up for this HON thing under the belief that I’m helping my clients… will salesmen try to sell my clients stuff like alarm systems, etc?

I’m not anti alarm system or anything, I just want to know what is being done with my client’s contact info.

Great question Nick, I was under the impression that Nathan has Nothing at all to do with HON ? is that true or an I misinformed?


Nathan and Dom both stated here that Nathan is not involved in HON. As far as I’m concerned, it should stay that way. I would hate to see HIP get negatively impacted by any other arrangement.

My question is about my client’s information. I want to know who is given access to it. I think this is a reasonable question to ask.

Nathan has absolutely nothing to do with HON. HON is owned by me, Casey & O’Malley and the former owner of Professional Equipment (Scott Forde and Pat Norton).

HON is not giving out anyone’s email addresses or phone numbers to be spammed or called. The client MUST opt into receiving the monthly maintenance newsletters and can opt-out at any time.

Companies like Lowes, , etc give us a great deal to associate with an article and post with the article.

On top of that clients get to use the app to ask questions and take pictures about their home and get it answered asap, by professionals (mostly retired/injured inspectors is who we will be hiring).

But HON does own this information forever, right, to use for whatever purpose it wishes … now and in the future? Can you name the people and entities that have access to all participating inspectors’ client base?

Forgive me Dom, I just want to nail this down once and for all. You say my client MUST opt into receiving the monthly maintenance newsletters. What are they agreeing to when they “opt in?” Who gets my client’s data?

Yes. They’re agreeing to receive the monthly newsletters. We’ve been EXTREMELY cautious about spamming. If we’re seen as spammers then the whole system falls apart so that doesn’t work! It’s technically a double opt in as the inspectors are explaining the app and newsletters on site and the inspectors have the option of not submitting the information if the client doesn’t want it as well.

Dom writes:

But who gets my client’s data?

Let’s drill down a little further.

What type of information is collected and where is it stored? Does it include names, addresses, e-mails, dates of inspections, etc?

Will this information, or portions of it, ever be made available to outsiders (including vendors) for free, trade, or a fee?

Where does the homeowner newsletter come from? Is it affilliated in any way with that of Nathan Thornberry or any of his companies.

Spam is not the same as a client opting in to something. When the client opts in, are they subject to being contacted by other vendors, including alarm companies?

Dom assures me again:

So then, who gets my client’s data?

There HAS to be a reason that Nick is asking these questions.

Where is there no answer?

Anybody there?

From Kevin (as I wanted to make sure I got my facts right!)


Just as you negotiate the best deals you can for your members so will we for our Home Owners Network members.

Just as you have offers from your approved vendors on your website so will we have offers to our members on our website.

Your latest email newsletter had 67 offers in it. Ours will have fewer offers each time but will still have some.

Any offer made on our newsletters or website will require the client to click through and request it.

No client will get spammed, called or harassed.

We will not “sell” any members or client’s information. We collect all basic information to better provide support and make available benefits. If
a member opts to take advantage of a “pods” member discount they will not be contacted by another vendor. It is not our intention to “spam” anyone and members can unsubscribe at any time.

We are not selling information.

I just signed up for the “Inspector 360” program on your site and got 5 emails in 5 minutes. We are not doing that.


Nick he told you. They don’t release client data to anyone. They simply collect money from advertisments. That’s how I’m reading it anyways.

What is the inspector 360 program?

Can an alarm company, alarm leads program, warranty company, recall checking servicer, or marketeer purchase poortions or all of the client information?

How about addressing the same questions/concerns to RecallChek?



Can an alarm company, alarm leads program, warranty company, recall checking servicer, or marketeer purchase portions or all of the client information?