Nathan & Dominic: Does HON reveal or sell our client's information to alarm salesmen?

Billy, that is NOT what Kevin said (thru Dom)!

Read between the lines of what he did not say.

He said that they do not “SELL” the information to anyone, therefore, it is available for “FREE” to those involved with HON. That is a world’s apart distinction.

Missed you last week Dave. You would have heard all about this program.

I actually had a one on one with Dom & asked basically the same questions Nick is asking.

I signed up that night.


Can an alarm company, alarm leads program, warranty company, recall checking servicer, or marketeer purchase portions or all of the client information? If not, can they barter for it, or get it for free?

Who supplies the newsletter?

I am also curious as to why any professional inspector would think it is cool to give business to ANY company who has a stable of “retired” inspectors at the ready to look at client photos (yes, folks, OUR CLIENTS) and have these guys answer questions!

Isn’t that what we are for?

No. Newsletters are written by us and other inspectors who are submitting them to us and getting credit and links back to their site (we’ve already had a few submitted).


Nice non-answer to the primary question I posed…

I see where you’re going but I highly doubt that is the case. I would be surprised if so. You could be right. Dom can you answer this one for the guys?

Kevin, I watched the webinar a couple of weeks ago, it looks like it may be useful.:slight_smile:

Ahhh, but the question is… “Is it a plausible scenario”?

Indeed it is. Only HON big wigs can answer that.

Bill explains:

Then why collect it?

Look, it sounds like a great service. I’m almost sold. I just have one question addressed to Dominic and Nathan: Does my client’s data (that I supply to HON) end up in the hands of an alarm system salesman?

They collect it so HON can opt our clients into the newsletter. The newsletter is where HON makes their money (advertisments). Makes perfect sense to me. Now if HON is releasing client data to their sponsors and my clients start to get harrassed without giving prior concent to this yes I would have a problem with it.

Let’s expand a bit…

CAN it EVER wind up in the hands of an alarm salesman, alarm company, alarm leads company, recall checking company, warranty company, or marketeer.

Dom has always been one of the good guys. Why the non-answers, and carefully worded (but somewhat lacking) replies from Nathan or Kevin?

A better question is whether there is an agreement, verbal or otherwise between HON and anything that Nathan Thornberry or his companies has a hand in?

We are not asking what the agreement may be; just if one exists or is planned.

Wasn’t Annette Funicello a Marketeer?:wink:

No offense Billy, ok well yeah a little offense…hahaha This line of questioning is not for you to answer, so let the correct people (DOM) speak for himself.


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Extremely valid questions you and Nick are asking. Should be a simple yes or no answer, not sure why the side stepping, especially from Dom.??


If you are not involved then why are you making yourself involved?

Also I believe Nick started this line of questioning, so is he also one of the 6 ?

Lastly (for now) your numbers are so far off it is unreal, there are WAY more than 6 inspectors who have questions about you and your products, in fact the 4 or 4 inspectors that at onetime stood on your side, all of a sudden went awol. Anyway you need to go back to your threads as there are many awaiting for answers over there. I am sure DOM can handle this all on his own.


I’m only giving my opinion Jim which you and I are both entitled. I’ve known Dom a long time now. He won’t speak until facts are in hand. You can’t have facts until all partners come together “meeting of the minds”. Dom is trying to get a venture off the ground and even he knows mis steps around this message board can bring you lots of grief as a vendor.

What is so difficult about Nick’s question to Dom that requires a committee to respond?

Billy - Let those involved answer the questions themselves. You are not in a position to respond to these inquiries.