Nathan's Residential Warranty Service (RWS) issue with IRS. Anonymous white paper.

You get it all here first folks.



What’s interesting is that members of this very Association warned you and others of this very thing, but were ignored and belittled for being Nate Haters!

It is almost insulting to members that you think so little of them and their accumulated knowledge.

Thank you Jim Kielson, Jim Bushart, Joe Farsetta, Mike Larson, and others for staying on Nick’s a-s-s and attempting to keep him honest.

I would expect a 1099 if this were in fact the case. Quite the marketing experiment going on here. Our industry reputation will only improve with this type of forward thinking action. In this case, I would prefer to be ahead of the curve, than behind it.

Interesting. So what is Matthew Yantzer, General Manager, Warranty Management LLC’s. interest in this? Is he a competitor? Does he have an ax to grind?

No different than Nick (InterNACHI) going after ASHI, NAHI, and others.

Just be a pal, and sign up with gnat on this, Frank. Let me know how it goes, if it doesn’t ruin your business, I may just join up myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe this is the competitor that Nathan is suing, although I may be wrong. It appears that the mud throwing may have begun.

This is fuc king hilarious ain’t it, Juan?
Let’s hear some comments from the Dingleberry minions.

Yep, see your thread from March 2013, posts #200 and #210 for a start. There might have even been a whole thread devoted to the Barter/Income question.

If this is someone being sued by Gnat, then I would think he might not have a problem throwing Gnat and all of his HI customers under the bus with the IRS. It sounds like he’s headed in that direction.

Jeff, I started this thread. It’s in the open-to-all section of the message board. Everyone can read your posts.

In what way are you feeling “ignored?”

You are correct Jeff, (and are 1 of us who stated all this from the beginning, you get the credit also…) but to no avail our efforts failed and continue as nick likes to play games. When it comes to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) they will win in the end as they simply follow the money !!! Watch some big chips begin to start falling…LOL oh this is gone be fun.

Timing is hilarious just as Nick publicly announces his next new business relationship with Nathan Thornberry. Unbelievable timing…LOL


I can’t argue with you there. :wink:

Since the author signed the paper, it isn’t exactly “anonymous”.

Old news. This was brought up a couple years ago during the whole fiasco that Nick and Chris chose to ignore. Nothing happened until a deep pocket business partner of Nick’s got their feelings hurt. Nothing came of it then. Nothing will come of it now.

If there are inspectors that choose to use any vendors products and pay for them via a bartering of services or information, they should be performing the due diligence needed by THEIR TAX ACCOUNTANT.

Until that time, this is nothing more than another thread posted to elicit dozens of posts for the message board because some choose to think it is a “hot topic”. If everyone paid attention to their own business the way they seem to care about the business practices of others, they might not have time to post on the message board.

It is becoming more and more difficult to write the check for continuing membership in this organization when it is / has become nothing more than the town barbershop for passing rumors, innuendo, and political hatred.

My how the mighty has fallen. :roll:

I couldn’t agree with you any more!!! Maybe the IRS will go after Juan Jimenez first to get the ball rolling? Kind of like Nick likes to do and set a good example by completely destroying someone’s life and business etc… That would be some funny stuff right there.

The sad thing is that some good inspectors will be flagged by the IRS and they were not privy to know what was eventually coming. But to those that were warned, I hope it was worth it as much as the entertainment you all provided and are about to was to most of us.


It is hilarious actually. I sent this to my accountant and his exact words were, “don’t believe everything people on the internet tell you”

That’s good advice for sure, I would never believe everything I hear on the internet, sadly for you this is one of those things that just happens to be true.
But you can keep telling yourself differently or listening to other Kool-Aid drinkers, The IRS could care less about what you think or your daddy…