We're launching InterNACHI Home Warranty for members

All the legal work and state approvals have been procured (took a while) and we’ll be launching the new Home Warranty company at our convention in October.

The new subsidiary will become part of the InterNACHI Conglomerate.


This is huge! Thanks for all you do.

You gonna sell out to Thornbury AGAIN?
I got screwed last time you did!
Think I’ll just play it safe and protect myself and my clients!


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We’ve never sold anything, let alone to Nathan.

Nathan sold RWS to Porch, at which time our attorney Joe Denneler began the process of getting us approved to sell warranties in each state. As of last Friday, he succeeded. So I’m now building the Home Warranty Company.

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Don’t be mincing words. You, your brother, whoever.
It was common knowledge Mountain Warrantee was sold (or “Taken over”) by Thornbury.
Whatever. Whether true or not, I lost all my unused policies because the jerk had issues with me and many other members on the MB. We all lost out.

So, with that being said… I’m still OUT!

F*ck me once… you’re dead to me!


I don’t know of any situation where you would “lose unused policies.” If you paid for something and didn’t use it, anything really, I’d instantly give you a full refund. Some guy once bought an IR camera from Inspector Outlet, never opened it, and then asked to return it 14 months later. We refunded him in full. Didn’t even charge him a restocking fee. It’s just my M.O.

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Mountains thing was to sell/purchase blocks of policies. More you purchased, the cheaper they were.
I found out I lost mine when I explained to a Client they would be receiving a free 100-Day policy. When I attempted to log in to assign and redeem a policy for them, they were gone!
From that day on, I have never purchased from another InterNachi endorsed/affiliated Vendor. If I want something, I do my own research and shop the open market.
Dominic Maricic has been the only Vendor in my 16-year Membership here that has been worth so much more than the investment!

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LOL. Staff just reminded me of what actually happened: He didn’t buy the IR camera from us, he only thought he did. He bought the IR camera from a competitor. But I gave him a full refund anyway because he was an InterNACHI member.

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That sounds like a tech issue of some sort. Again, I would never deny a request for a refund for anything that you paid for and then couldn’t or didn’t want to use. Been at this 30 years and it hasn’t happened yet. Not my M.O. We do $50 million in business a year and staff is ordered to instantly refund in full, any member who complains about anything they paid for. If we didn’t, Google would be full of inspector complaints about InterNACHI.

I stand corrected (staff remembers everything.) We sold the federal trademark “Inspectors Journal” to the owner of a forum by the same name for $1, simply because he asked nicely to have it. So yes, we did sellout on that one, I guess.

And I personally sold a company that isn’t part of InterNACHI. Well, I didn’t sell all of it. I sold 49% of Checkmate Marketing to a Chinese, international law firm (our largest client and one of the largest law firms in the world) for $15 million last year. Didn’t lose the client or controlling interest in the company, so it was a free payday. But that wasn’t InterNACHI and has nothing to do with inspections.

We’re not really sellers of anything. We are still growing the conglomerate: www.nachi.org/conglomerate

And if you ever pay for anything you can’t use, text me on my iPhone for an immediate refund: 720 272 8578.

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Warranty’s as in 1 year warranty’s or like RWS 90 days? I canceled RWS. They never paid out. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

More like RWS only 100 days.

Heres one of the policies I actually assigned… back in 2010…
Note the contact phone number on line #32. That number is still assigned to all things (Inter)Nachi. Google it.
So… the question is… what happened to the company if it was never sold???

100-Day Inspection Coverage.pdf.pdf (240.7 KB)

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It was voluntarily dissolved in 2011 due to lack of interest. But since then, RWS was sold to Porch, another warranty company went out of business, and warranties have become more popular amongst inspectors and REALTORs.

So InterNACHI is going to launch an all new service with our own “InterNACHI” brand: InterNACHI Home Warranty.

How convenient.

Still OUT!

Wanna try that one again?

Only took you 10 posts to admit what youse did.

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I’m a very known quantity. I can’t imagine any scenario where some member alerted me that they paid for something they couldn’t use and I refused them a refund. InterNACHI does $50 million in business a year with the inspection industry and you don’t find such complaints about us. Not my M.O. and everyone knows it.

This is now. That was then (13+ years ago).
I attempted contact back THEN, and it got me nowhere.
It’s now a done deal.
I continue to be OUT.

Never said it was, but you did empower the membership to vett all vendors on this MB.
InterNachi and it’s New Warranty program is being vetted.
Good luck!