Need 3 more Participants for the October Website of the Month

Alright guys, last chance to Belly up and join the fun on your Website Challenge with others.

Post your nomination today, Poll will run no matter what.

Just 3 more needed to keep it interesting. :):smiley:

Throw mine in the mix Marcel.

Thanks Kevin.

Now we need a couple more. :slight_smile:

Jeff, add Kevin to the mix.

Thanks Kevin!

Do you need anymore?

Yes. I’ll get you on the list. Thanks Kevin. Good luck!

Alright… one more to go !!!

Give mine a whirl if you need another

Thanks Sean and I think that wraps it up.

Thanks Guys for the help. :):smiley:

Jeff, let the balls roll. :mrgreen::wink:

Thanks Sean!

That’s all we need, so… good luck to everyone!!!

**Cast your vote here: **

Mine is horrible right now…so glad I didnt have time to throw mine in the hat. Have time put aside this month to work on it, but those inspections get in the way sometimes.

Work on it whenever you get a chance this month, and enter it for next month. You’d be surprised what you can get done with 30 minutes a night.

I am going to start the nominations earlier this month, so keep your eye out for it.