October website of the month

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Another good group. :slight_smile:

Lol nice start too!

Me Me Me pick Me http://www.monroehomeinspection.net/

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One of the sites I like is promoting ASHI.

As long as they promote InterNACHI too it’s okay.

Most of the page is devoted to ASHI.
Says to hire ASHI Inspectors.

*** To sum this all up ASHI inspectors have more ***
*** experience and knowledge…***
*** Isn’t this who you want to show up for your inspection.

here is an Awsome site, thanks to a lot of help from my freinds

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I need some help everybody informed-decisions is leaving me in the dust. :slight_smile:

Sure looks like your packing the lunch Billy, but I still like your Website. It’s all in how the game is played.
We all have different prefrences. :):smiley:

One more week of voting, is this all we are going to get?:slight_smile:

Let’s Vote!!!

Billy… in the mood for some “constructive-criticism”? (jeez I hate that term).

He’s got broad shoulders Jeffrey. :mrgreen:

Plus, there is only one way to find out, don’t we. :wink:

Billy, you better sit down for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww… it’s not that bad, really :wink:

It’s just that there seems to be a few too many spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors on his site. Without going back and looking, I would say that there are about 4, just in the first two paragraphs. To me, that takes away from the professional image he is attempting to portray. JMHO.

Other than that, I think his site looks good. Much better than it did a while back. :slight_smile:

And I had my site looked over lol. Back to the english drawing books. Thanks Jeffery.

Not over yet Billy, this poll only closes on the 31st. :slight_smile: