Need a heat exchanger for Clare Brothers furnace - impossible?

Greetings earthlings,I’m looking for a heat exchanger for a Clare Brothers direct vent oil furnace. Model number is OHP-3F. Mine is cracked, so I got red-tagged earlier this year. I’ve been in contact with ICP, who own Clare Brothers, and they gave me some places to contact in Ottawa for replacement parts, but so far the word I’m getting is this is impossible to find.If I can get a replacement part, my insurance will cover it, which would be great! :slight_smile: If I need a new furnace, they won’t cover it, and I’ll either freeze to death this winter or be further in debt. :frowning: Any ideas guys? Thanks!

Virtually no oil furnace tech will ever replace or repair the heat exchanger. A new furnace is in the cards for you.

Replacement isn’t a problem if I can locate the part. I know they won’t repair it since that’s technically against the law, but they can replace it. But so far, it’s a hard to find piece!

I’ve been close the oil industry for many years. My uncle was an ESSO oil dealer, for 24 years lived in a small town of 5,000 with 2 furnace manufacturer’s (dated 2 daughters of 1 owner) and consulted on the house of the president of a third manufacturer last year. Have never heard of a heat exhanger being replaced…just not common practice in the Maritimes where oil rules with 50%+ of the heating market.

Call Clare Brothers and see if they will sell you one!

Interesting, all the guys I talk to locally don’t say anything bad about replacing it. Very curious! I did call the company that bought out Clare Brothers (ICP), and they directed me to 2 companies in my local area that service their units. One guy said these units are near impossible to find parts for, and the other one hasn’t returned my call yet. My insurance company called one of their preferred contractors, and he said the same thing, near impossible. Maybe it’s just my model or my bad luck!