Claire Megasave

I need help please:

Claire Megasave furnace
Model # PEMB70-B
Serial # E0092865
Input 70,000 BTU
Output 63,000 BTU
I have never seen one before. 90% efficiency and looks old!?

Serial # E0092865
Week 28,1965

Thanks Gary:

I was hoping for 1986. There was no gas pressure test tag and nothing else to indicate age.


I’ve never heard of the brand name you listed. Must be a regional manufacturers brand.
I’d go with your gut/trust your eyes about the age of the unit, at least initially. Check further with a local HVAC Contractor that will likely be better informed.
It is likely that your numbers on input & output are wrong, IF the age of the furnace is verified by the correct serial # interpretation.
I’ll look forward to update/additional info., if you get it.

My friend has a Clare MegaSave gas furnace down in Burlington. The serial number on that one is C0041055 but that doesn’t correspond to the date at all because it’s about 20 years old. I’d post a picture if I knew how… I think Carrier bought Clare Brothers eventually. I have a head office number though for Clare Brothers (through Carrier) somewhere though I could probably dig up.