Need an inspection for my daughter, Corpus Christie

Hey everyone, My daughter and her new husband just put an offer on a home in Corpus Christie. Need a good inspector for her and I said I would find her a Nachi inspector in her area. Post up here your name and contact number and I will have her give you a call. Thank you.

You are aware that INACHI has an InspectorSeek function for this?

No need to post here when the InspectorSeek function will do the same thing. If she has access to the forum then she will have access to InspectorSeek.

call Thom & ask who he’d use, he can also tell you who not to use
my experience & told by clients down there the rea own the inspectors & $h!tty reports abound
i’ve gone down there, 8.5 hrs one way, numerous times for apartments, commercial & eifs when clients wanted the actual facts & not checkbox chimp crap
lots of stucco & eifs on the coast & island w/mucho moisture intrusion issues

Thx Barry. That is what I heard as well. Just the info I needed. I will call him now.