Need Future Contact with Naichi Inspectors in Chicago

My Niece has transferred to Chicago and plans on buying or building a house.
I need future contacts with Home Inspectors that cover that area.


She is also a Judge for the Social Security System and she is not shy.:mrgreen:

Thanks to anyone that serve that area. :slight_smile:

If I can help in any way, give me a call or drop me an email.

Have her give me a call Marcel

I will be happy to help out

Thanks Rick, nothing I would enjoy more than reccomending a Nachi friend.
I don’t know when this is going to happen, but will keep you in mind.
I am just trying to put a list together.

I told her at her Grandmothers funeral a couple of weeks ago, I had friends in that area that would look for her best interest.

Although she is a Judge, she is not savy to What Home Inspectors do. So I filled her in and was very happy to here it.


No problem Bob, thinking about you when responding to Rick.

You are listed and thanks guys. :slight_smile:

If she has any questions about neigborhoods, or areas she’s thinking of moving to, I’m sure we all can offer advice.

I’d defer to Bob about city areas, but I know the North and NW suburbs better than most. :slight_smile:

Sounds fair and since it is for Marcel"s. Niece we may end up with a team that day.



Always happy to help.

For you, my man, my special $1.00 inspection applies. Have to charge something to make it legal.

You have given to NACHI so much, I can only offer to give back.

Contact info, below.

Hope this helps;

If we both go ,you better split that fee with me.

Thanks a lot guys, I will let her know that she will be in good hands.
Thanks Will. :):smiley:

All right guys, my Niece just called and said she found a house that she is interested in and it is in Naperville.

I will e-mail her all your contact information so she can call, but would really like to know who is the closest or more familiar with this area.

I can’t choose between you guys, you are all great.

Let’s set it up as on a 1-4 recommendation for her to call first.

So help me out.

Thanks a bunch. :):smiley:

I would like to thank all of you guys to help out.

My Niece chose her own by reviewing your websites.

Mr. Will Decker did her inspection and I hear all went well.

I would like to thank Mr. Will Decker for doing a fine job for her.
I am sure she will be happy with his services as well as it would for Bob and Rick if it were the case.

Thanks to all of you for helping out. :slight_smile:

My pleasure. It was great having a client who actually knew what a home inspection was all about :mrgreen: