Need EIFS inspection contract

I have been contacted by a local fire station to perform an EIFS inspection on their 6500 sf building. Has anyone put together a contract specifically for an EIFS inspection?

Your help would be appreciated!


Do you have any specialized training or certifications???

Here is my response to the Fire Marshall when he asked me to do the inspection.

Hello Sir,

I have done some research on EIFS inspection requirements and wanted to give you some more information prior to sending a proposal for an EIFS inspection.

Although I am a General Contractor (since 1982) and a certified home inspector with over 20 years in an Architectural/Structural Engineering office, I am not what the industry considers to be an expert in EIFS. (View my qualifications on my website).

I have a general knowledge of EIFS systems and I can offer to perform a non-invasive visual inspection of the exterior of the building including EIFS, flashing and the overall cladding system I see that you have access to thermal imaging camera’s that would aid in determining the areas of moisture intrusion. If you would like me to perform a visual non-invasive inspection of your 6500 s.f. building and supply a report of my recommendations for repair or replacement, I will do so for a fee of $xxx.xx. If this is acceptable please reply and I will forward a contract to you and schedule the inspection for Thursday.

If you are looking for a more complete and intrusive inspection by a company that specializes in EIFS inspections I would recommend Building Diagnostics Group.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

He replied that he would like me to do it and I am now reviewing the NACHI 8 hour training class now and I will complete it prior to the inspection.

Given that it is a visual, non-invasive inspection, I would use a commercial contract limiting the inspection to the exterior wall covering.

I don’t do EIFS specific inspections and don’t have a contract to share with you.

Personally, I feel they would be better served by you deferring to a specialist, but that’s your business.

I agree ,and most Fire Stations have their own IR cameras.:slight_smile:

Seeing it is limited to the exterior envelope you can create your own using Office word and a template of a software providers exterior envelope.

Asphalt shingle 3 tab technical exhaustive.
14 pages on 960SQFT.
Chimney inspection using the same software.
9 pages.
I use
Good luck.