??? EIFS Survey ???

I was contacted by an HOA with a large commercial building to perform an EIFS survey. To this point, i’ve performed IR on mostly single family homes. Any suggestions for larger buildings? Tips/tricks? Any information is very much appreciated. I am asking because this building has several caulk joints due to width and height, no overhang, all the common commercial traits.

Thanks in advance guys!!!

Keep a eye out for thing that are connected from one unit to the adjacent unit. they will play off each other. Some one can be cooking in a lower unit and have a big effect on the unit above. you will need access to all interiors of the exterior walls you are imaging. have the on site guy have keys to all units along with letters sent out in advance that you may need access to interior. keep an eye out for dog and cats. have the owner control there pets.



EIFS inspection course.


That is a very good course!!!

An excellent course.