Need EMF hm.consultation for Scottsbluff, NE

We are currently looking to make an offer on a home in Mitchell, NE (near Scottsbluff). I need someone to test and find EMFs outside and inside the home and either remediate or work with an electrician to fix any problems. I have a hand-held Gauss meter that I use to help keep me away from higher EMR fields (I am sensitive to them). There is a driveway on the south of the home and power lines run beside the property at this point. When I point my gaussmeter towards the south, either standing beside the home or in the south rooms, it reads 3-4 (on a 10 scale meter). It goes away if I turn around and face north or point it towards the lines. I know this is not a professional meter so I do not know how or what it is reading for this big area. There may also be some miswirings inside the house as there are a couple of places where my meter will peg at 10. I know a professional with professional equipment is needed. Please let me know your estimated charges, I am willing to pay for travel if you are not in the immediate area.

With all due respect, if you are medically sensitive to EMF, why the heck would you even consider a home next to power lines? The home cannot possibly be that perfect for you! Keep looking, and tell your realtor this is your highest priority and you will not consider any home that infringes that need. If your realtor isn’t willing to accomodate your needs, fire him/her! As long as you have a reasonable budget, this should not even be an issue in your search.