Exterior electric meters - emf fields?

I remember reading somewhere that the power usage meters on the outside of homes should be placed on the outside of the garage or some other similarly un-lived in room due to emf fields they produce.

I just moved into a new place and did not thoroughly look around the exterior before moving in… now I see that all the power for my side of the complex comes in on the outside of my bathroom wall. There is a total of 17 electric meters mounted on the outside of that wall.

I don’t have a gauss meter to measure the fields I’m getting on the inside of the apartment but I assume this is a situation to be avoided? On the interior, my bedroom is outside the bathroom area so I would say there is maybe a total of 10-15 feet at the most between the wall where all the meters are located and where my bed is.


Get it tested if your concerned.

EMF from 120 VAC lines is not that significant in comparison to 765 kilovolts in overhead transmission lines.

Just for fun take a four foot fluorescent bulb out at night and believe me, it will work if there is enought EMF!


As a home inspector with a Masters degree in Physics, I can assure you that there is no problem.

The meter is in a metal casing which should be grounded and this will stop any EM radiation. Even if it not, the amount of EM radiation that is emitted is minimual and harmless.

Unfortunatly, there are many people out there who are just plain paranoid about every little thing and never paid attention during science class.

You have nothing to be concerned about.

Hope this helps;