Need help for become home inspector in TX

I’m trying to become home inspector in TX. So, I did joint in interNACHI member last month, Then i complete all the require certification online. So, what is the next step to get the license??? Can someone to help please…

Thank you for your help

If TX is a licensed state then take your test.

where do i found the test information???

Start here… Google is your friend.

Texas is pretty tough.
If @escanlan shows up here you are blessed.

Where in Texas are you located?

Roy gave you a link straight to TREC license requirements. If you have questions about them don’t be afraid to ask.

Well, first thank you very much for your guys help.
I really confuse at to what they want for become an home inspector in TX.
I want to know what is the step/process. I mean i should take the state exam first then fill out the application for apprentice inspect license with fingerprints send to TREC or the exam what i took in internachi is include it the exam what TREC need? If do so, what is the step i can get the license holder number.???

The first step is to decide what level of license you are trying to obtain? You can become an Apprentice with little work but must be sponsored and supervised. Or you can become an Inspector which requires a sponsor and lesser amount of licensing requirements but little supervision. Or you can fast track straight to Professional Inspector which has the most requirements but when licensed you can hang out your shingle and go to town under your own company name.

As for training the INACHI training is a very good start but TREC does not certify INACHI training for the initial license training. TREC calls initial licensing training “Core Curriculum” or “Core Courses”. That you have to take with an approved Core Course training provider. Those are listed here .

Where in Texas are you located?

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I know internachi / TREC have major change coming March 1, 2021. So, what i have the credit from internachi will be gone. May need to re-take it again. But anyway Thank you so much for your information.
My located at DFW

INACHI courses are only approved by TREC for Continuing Education Credits and not initial licensing credits. None of your INACHI training can be used for initial licensing.

What major change are you referring to?

i got it. Thank you very much for your information