Need Help Please Please

  •     I was trying to buy a home and was denied the loan becasue the seller didnt show proof of having their foudnation repair. It was fist report back in 2004 when the sellers first bought the home and claim to have s structual eng. to come out and look and he say the matter with the crack slab didnt need further looking into at all. We have had a Hurricane since that time in 2005 a major one Rita and had huge tree's to have fallen in this area and all over too. Plus in 2006 they the plumbing fixed too and they are on concerte slab too can you help me please did they need to have anoter person out and need a foundation repair. Here a clue to help in the middle bedroom the door was swinging open like a fan was in front of it and please when tried to closed it it open back up. And in the middle of the hall area near the middle bedroom it was a rise in floor and my mother almost fall.* 

It appears from your letter someone or something is looking out for you and your family.

“It is always easier to stay out of a deal than it is to get out of one.”

I wish you the best in finding your home.

I am not sure what the question is.
It sounds like you are hoping to still purchase the home though the present owner has not made repairs.
In that case you would be responsible.
Barry is right and you should move on to a better home.
Unless you feel it is worth the extra expense.
Get yourself a good lawyer who will explain this.

Run, don’t walk . . . away!
Unless you have lots of money to fix all the problems it sounds like this house has . . . there are other houses to look at and purchase . . . be sure it have a NACHI inpector inspect the house before you buy . . . good luck!

Thank you all for helping me really. I didnt buy the home either and and now still trying to find that perfect home too wisn home blessing too.

[size=4]Okay I have another quick question I hope you can help with how long does a structural Engineer report last after that person check the home.:o The one I looked at was 3yrs was done in 04.[/size]

I would say it is the same as a home inspection .
Exactly what the condition is at the time of the Inspection.
To-morrow or next month things will be different.

… Cookie

I agree with Cookie . . . best of luck to you.

We call it an “Oklahoma Warranty” around these parts.

Once you can’t see the tail lights of the engineer’s or inspector’s vehicle your warranty has expired.

I once did an inspection on a house that had been vacant for a quite a while. Entered the home by myself closed the front door and had a slab tendon fail. Gawd awful noise, floor shook beneath my feet and it took a while for the dust to settle.

STUFF HAPPENS even to good people trying to do the right thing.

No matter what you find have it thoroughly inspected before you purchase.

Good luck in finding your dream house and please keep things in perspective, “There is NO prefect house.”

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