Help Please

Im pretty new to home inspections and have a few questions regarding an older house I have to inspect this Monday. The buyer called me and said she wanted me to specifically look at the folowwing three things she noticed… Was hoping you guys could give me some tips and advice regarding the following.

  1. A corner of the house is showing signs of “sinking”- The buyer wants to know if its “still sinking and going to be an issue”, So I was hoping you could give me some tips on what to look for to assess.?

  2. She mentioned a leak- if its coming from a crack in the foundation should I just recommend to have a professional pressure inject it?

  3. Lastly, She is concerned with a “dent” in the corner of the roof… Any tips you have regarding this issue would be much appreciated. (possibly result of previous ice-damming?)

Any help and tips you can recommend would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

For item 1, she needs a structural or geographical engineer. Not a home inspector.

As for the rest, if you conduct a thorough inspection in accordance with the NACHI SOP the contributing factors to the other two items should become evident and noted. How they should be repaired should appear no place in your report.

I wouldn not give advise on how to repair anything. Just refer it to the proper contractor and let him decide the method of repair.