Need HVAC tech in Summerville SC

I need a good HVAC guy in Summerville SC for a rental house I own there and I live in California. Any referrals?

OMG you asked for a specific HVAC guy we have a Dude on the BB that will try to have this thread moved to NFE area. You just insulted him;-):shock:

I’m sorry, I’m not comprehending your message. What’s a BB? What does NFE mean? I did not ask for an independent HVAC guy, I asked for a referral, I don’t care where he comes from, just that he is near Summerville and that he’s interested in checking out my HVAC.

Sorry I was just being nasty to one of the BB (Message board) Cops that likes to tell members what and where they can make a post and if he does not like it he will recommend that it be moved to the( NFE) (Not for everyone) thread he is like a miss guided cop directing traffic except he has no badge just a swelled up head.

Carry on I won’t Hi-jack your thread anymore:mrgreen: