Experienced, Licensed Home Inspector available- Tampa area

I relocated from NJ. I know that condemns me in some people’s eyes, but, I bring a seasoned and thorough inspection ethic. I will inspect with the best of you. I am happy to join your ranks, even seasonal part time. Tampa area, Resume available upon request- CBakker21@hotmail.com, 352-942-9458.

Welcome to Florida!

Thanks Micheal. Good luck in your endeavors!!

Welcome to Florida, I left NJ many years ago. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Hope you make it through our HELLISH SUMMERS. Good Luck. I’m Out of here the first good real chance I get. The older I get the more I HATE the HEAT. I’m not talking basketball either :slight_smile:

I was inspecting for a company last summer. It is a special kind of hot in these attics. It makes you have a greater respect for good attic ventilation. The heat here keeps your pores open, LOL!

You should attend the Tampa Bay Chapter meeting;

I might make it. thanks for the invite!

Hell as you can tell even our Winters SUCK. Feels Like 90 today in SE Florida.

Anyone know why our keyboards do not have a Degree symbol?