Need I say anything?

No…photo says it all.:smiley:

I look at things like that and always ask: Why?

The guy must of been an auto mechanic and wanted to drain the line ever 3000 flushes

Other than the risk of it falling out, what does it harm? Really. It could be threaded and will never fall out. The homeowner could be using it as a pre-drain, so he could control the backup (drain to bucket) **before **he removed the cleanout cap, and had a major mess to deal with.

No, a mechanic would have used a proper pet-c o c k!:wink:

Nothing wrong…When do we close?:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I would say he would need the bolt for a drain if i am looking at the pipe right. i have a feeling it will be plugin often

The risk of getting stuff stuck on the bolt on the way down causing a clog

On the way down from where??? It’s a cleanout!!!

Needs a little caulk or duct tape to ensure good seal integrity.:wink: