Cleanout question

Found this CO today. It is installed in the direction of flow, and the pitch of the line is OK, but the cleanout opening is installed on the bottom of the fitting. It would seem that it would be likely to clog, and would flood the basement with sewer water if it has to be opened. Any thoughts? :-k


you’re gonna get some on Ya when You take out that plug…that’s for sure Bill

LOL - That’s what I was thinking too Jim. Thanks for the reply.

All the solids flowing down the drain would drop into the cleanout. The cap on the cleanout will always be wet and wear out faster than normal. Looks like one stinky mess waiting to happen.

I agree. I couldn’t find any codes or regs that define where the opening should be, but this arrangement just doesn’t make sense.

Common sense isn’t all that common!!

That’s a government program. It’s called “A Drainpipe to Nowhere”.

PVC “wears out” with water contact?


PVC “wears out” with water contact?

That’s a new one on me. :slight_smile:

Clean outs shall be installed so that the clean out opens to allow cleaning in the direction of flow of the drainage line.

Clean outs shall be installed at each change of direction of the drainage system greater than 45 degrees, except not more than one clean out shall be required in each 40 feet of run regardless of change in direction.:slight_smile:

Would it make more sense to refer to it as a dirty out. Some one didn’t like someone that’s for sure.

Drum traps under tubs aim down also.

And no longer legal to use in Maine Bob. That don’t hurt my feelings either, I always hated those darn things. They were made to hold you ring if it fell in the sink. :mrgreen:

That was a ****ty installation. LOL