Need input/example of Structural Report

Does anyone have an example of a structural report? I’ve seen the WDO and it is showing “previous wood destroying fungi”. The structural is required by the lender and is needed to verify that there is no structural damage prior to closing. I’m a newbie and have never written or seen a structural report before.

Thanks in advance.
Brian Westcott

P.S.: Did I mention I need this NOW?!?! :slight_smile:

Brian, assuming the ‘structural report’ you are asking about is of a WDO/WDI context then if you are not providing the WDO/WDI report then why are you even worried or asking about this? The provider of that service should be addressing this issue with whoever is asking for it. If you are providing the WDO/WDI report then you shouldn’t need to ask it. In other words, if you have to ask that question then you shouldn’t be providing that service.

Here in Alabama, the person that provides the wdo/wdi (actually called a “wood infestation report”) is typically a licensed pest inspector and not a home inspector. In order for someone to comment on the integrity of the homes structure he/she must be a licensed contractor or home inspector. The pest inspector noted “previous” wood decay fungi. I was called to verify that there was no evident structural damage where said fungi was noted. Make sense?

I suppose it does, I’m not familiar with that particular process, maybe others can help you.