need qa& sop for sun nuclear

State of Iowa is being tough on me about my QA and SOP for a sun nuclear 1027 measuring device. Anyone with these plans who could allow me a copy would be much appreciated. I could also use a waiver statement for reporting results to the customer
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Contact Sun Nuclear and see if they have one they provide :slight_smile:

This is the exact reason I chose to go with Radalink and lease one of their machines instead of purchasing Sun Nuclear Machines. Radalink provides all documentation, calibration, etc. Minimal record keeping on my part. Yeah it costs me a bit more, but I’m willing to pay them to do that part for me instead of doing it myself.

Maybe I’m just lazy.

Exactly! Me too.:!:

Do you still need this? I may be able to give you something.

What about the accuracy of 20%? With Sun Nuclear, a measurement of 4 pC/L could actually be a 5 or a 3.

Hello Mr. Spinnler:

The 20% error quoted by the manufacturer is the analytical error, not the overall precision. As such, in your example, depending on the length of time the test was operated, a 4 pCi/l reading could actually be anywhere from 0.001 to 10 pCi/l (given a typical house).

So when looking at precisions, in general, even for a method whose precision is a magnificent 1%, if the overall sampling error is 90% then the analytical precision is swamped into meaninglessness.

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I am still in need of the qa/qc and sop for the sun nuclear device. call me 515 778-9663
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yes, I am in need of the qa/qc and sop for the sun nuclear…call me at 515 778-9663 steve-hawkeye home inspections, inc

What is QA/QC?

Is there nothing on their web site to help you?


I will try to call you later.

Email me your fax number.