need radon tester in WPB

Hi all, I have a customer that has a commercial day care and needs a certified radon test for department of health inspection. please refer someone for me.
Thank you

Preston and Pilar Halstead
Elite Property Inspections

Call Pilar (561) 420-0277

Thanks your the bestest

I guess she really did go down the list :slight_smile:

I suggested she check out other InterNachi inspectors.

Is radon ever an issue on the eAST coast of Florida or is it a straight up waste of money because it is required?


Not really an issue here. This is the first I have heard of a requirement but then again I dont do many commerical day care centers.
But on the topic there are some areas in Dade County that have high levels as well as north and west florida

Check the radon map there is very active radon in West Palm

Thanks guys.
I never checked it out and did not know it was an issue round here.

Not sure what map you are looking at but Palm Beach County is a zone 3 low potential in all the maps I have.

Schools are required to be tested. Although the overall map does not show high levels in Palm Beach County there are areas in the county that do have high levels of radon. Developer in Boynton Beach is now putting mitigation systems in, we have done test there. When there are very few people testing for radon it is easy to say there isn’t any.

Low potential does not mean, may not be elevated.