Radon Class

The Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors Chapter is have a great time at the radon class in Melbourne. About forty inspectors getting their Florida Radon License.

Radalink did a great job today! Glad to see such a good turnout.

I had no idea how dangerous radon was. Great course. Every house needs to be tested.

But I thought there was no Radon in Florida? :slight_smile:

Only 38% of the time!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

When are they putting on another class?

We are working on that now and will keep you posted. Eric like you said, 38% of homes test in Palm Beach County alone have elevated levels. That is according to the dept of health…we need to educate our clients. And realtors

Believe it or not, having more qualified people will actually help the Radon business. Having enough educated people talking professionally about a situation elevates the awareness.

Many inspectors in my area tell people it’s not a big deal. Know why? Because they don’t provide the education nor testing and (drum roll please), that’s what the agents tell their clients.

Uneducated people giving advice on something they have no idea about can be hazardous to your career.

I absolutely agree Russ. I have a plan, I just need to get certified and licensed for it. If I remember correctly, all radon results must be forwarded to the State. Is that correct?

That is correct. Terry at Radalink told me they send theirs to the state monthly.


I thought you were talking about mold for a minute, silly me.:slight_smile:

Just like mold you will have to compete with %#@ home inspectors.
You should realize you will be competing with home inspectors who do not bother being certified and just do radon testing. Then there’s the home inspector that gets certified but does not work with a Measurement business and issues his own report (which is illegal). $85 test
Then you have the HI that gets one Radalink and buys one sun nuclear and issues his own report for the sun. Appears legal but some reports are not.
I could go on but I think you should get the point, FL DOH is a joke, just remember that.

Air Chek and Femto Tech are the best (my opinion)
Over 13,000 radon tests performed, only about 9 percent of our business anymore.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Doug. As I said, I have a plan. The equipment part of it is all taken care of, I just want to know that what I am doing is correct. It is also an experiment to see if I can sell it. I know that Dade County has higher levels than Broward, but, and Russ made this point, how do we know what the levels are if no one is testing?

As for competing against the other inspectors, I have been doing that since day one and as I said to one inspector, I have always felt that no one else is my competition.

Best way to approach the job. Do the best job and you won’t have any real competition. Takes time and effort but in time it pays off.

Had a lady call today and wanted the name of another mold inspector, since we can’t get there soon enough. 300 mold inspectors in our area and we can only recommend Steven Parkhurst with a clear conscience. Really wish we had more good mold inspectors in our area.

Radon testing is easy and more common everyday. Don’t worry about stats of counties they are never up to date.

Good Luck

Class was great! Another Florida Home and Insurance Inspector Chapter event, done!

good class. Thanks to FLHII for putting this on! Hope I passed.

The Class was terrific!
Who would of thought as home inspectors we’d be studying nuclear physics.

BTW - if you charge for a radon test (even the home depot charcoal tea bags) you must be certified by the state.

Yeah, I dropped my state cert for this 16 years ago. 35% in Palm beach bigger deal in the areas of the state with phospate mines, high levels in Kendall in Miami from my experience. Brevard county, I don’t know but if the levels are elevated beachside it must be in the building materials. Radon is readily absorbed by water and will usually remain in solution through decay but it depends on concentration, evap rates and pressure differentials.

I see it as an important service to be able to offer our clients. The peace of mind will make it so the can make the best decision on their purchase. With technology we will be using for radon testing with the partnership with radalink is second to none.

I see Radalink report now looks like the report we have gotten from Air Chek / Femto Tech for about ten years. (Rad changed couple years ago)

We used Radalink for a few months back in 2000, switched to Femto Tech with reports from Air chek.
With Over 13,000 radon tests performed, I would stop performing radon tests if I had to use Radalink.

Probably ok for a home inspector, good luck on your testing.

I did it a long time ago when I started, even before I started my own business.The company charged $50.00 for the two day canister test. Never had one come back high.
Perhaps, things have changed.