Need some advice on AWM

Just ran into AWM wire for the first time. Does anybody know if it is safe to be hooked up with copper?

If you mean (Appliance Wiring Material), it usually is copper.

What was the application and were these conductors dual rated? i.e.-also listed as THHN or another type of conductor?

Ok. It looks like aluminum (shiny silver). I looked it up online and some different sources were saying that it is usually coated for moisture protection so I’m guessing that’s where the color comes from. Thanks.

Hey Robert,

   There are some other codes on the wire. Namely CSA and FT1. Not sure what they mean so I'm gonna poke around online to see if I can find an answer.

How are these conductors being used?

They are in a ceiling fan/light.

So this is wiring in the fan/lt or branch circuit wiring feeding the unit?

Roberts questions is VITAL to understanding the use of AWM conductors. Is it part of the assemblie or equipment or is it being run as circuit wiring…Long and short…if the AWN is part of the equipment wiring…no worries…if it is being used as branch circuit wiring then it’s a problem…AWM is not listed under 310.13 ( unless of course it is dual rated as AWM and then lets say THHN as well )