Needed my thinking cap on this one

On today’s inspection I came across this stud bay that appeared not to have any insulation.

When I went back outside, I noticed a pillar (not touching the wall) in the exact location as the stud bay.

There appears to be a small square box at the top of the stud bay that lines up with the boxed in header of the balcony.

Overall the insulation job throughout the house was the best I’ve seen this year.

This wall faces north. I was thinking solar heat load on the wall could have been shadowed by the pillar. Not.

There is no conductivity to make the wall cooler/faster.

Just a coincidence that the pillar and the anomaly are so close to one another?

Any ideas?

I just noticed something else.

I took a scan of a leaking bathroom ventilator and I have a cool stud bay that would be directly below the other scan.

There’s also a pillar against this wall.

Those pillars are hollow inside and trap cold air inside. Even though they are not touching the exterior wall, they will have some effect on the normal ambient warming of the exterior wall from normal indirect heat from the earth.

The balcony lintel/header may be carried by the main wall and not the false outside balcony post. If so, the lintel is actually being carried by a series of spiked together studs (or maybe even vertical steel beam) of the main structural wall and shows lesser R value/cooler surface than nearby insulated cavities. The square box at the top may be the end of the lintel which is solid wood (more R) and showing up warmer.

Brian, I believe you nailed it.

By golly, I think you’ve got it!

Good job!

I just love this place! :slight_smile:

We need something to hold this roof up.

Yes, the pillars are hollow. They have air vents in them.


Good Call…You are right on with your comment.

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Thank you, David A. for helping everyone (here) learn.

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