Never say you have seen it all

After 40 years in the HVAC field I observed another first for me.
A gas fired down flow furnace with ducts installed within the slab. The furnace A-coil plenum had a float activated sump pump installed below the A-coil to remove condensate from a leaking A-coil pan.
I know someone one is going to ask How I knew that without taking off the front of the A-coil box. The front of the box has a electrical cord entering the box and a drain line coming out and was tapped into the PVC drain line at the 90 degree fitting going to the floor drain.
Why was this done. Simple it cost much less to install a sump pump than it does to install a new A-coil and drain pan. This is why all homes should be inspected???


Sounds ugly.
I’m a 28yr.+ man myself. I have met my share of “I’ve seen it all”.
When they start pontificating, my eyes glaze over and I just sit listening, until I can escape.

I hope both of you continue contributing information and assistance on this board. Needless to say pro’s in all areas (componets) of home inspection
are always needed.:wink:

Thank you Mr. Bolliger

I try to hang out some on this board when the weather is bad and the inspections are slow