$4,500 to $5,000 mistake can you afford it

Are you going to miss it and pay for the repair;-)

Sitting in front of the A-Coil doing a simple visual inspection on a house with slab floor,downflow furnace, A-coil and 5 ton A/C all new in 2008.

What are you going to tell your client based on what you observe by just looking at this A-coil the answer is in the PIC

Wow, the scorched place on the cover jumped out at me. Based on what I see, I would suggest discontinue use and have evaluated by a HVAC professional. Is this a gas fired furnace?

Easy George calm down yes it was a natural gas furnace but the scorched mark is from the installer soldering the refrigerant line and I don’t think the cost to repair would be $5.000 just needs a little paint to make it pretty:D

What’s with the hole through the front cover with the hose and wire attached? Somebody hide a pump in there cause maybe the plenum and duct fills with condensate?

No condensate but your correct about the sump pump ground water under the slab. Ducts are rusted out furnace and duct need to be relocated to the attic. If ya deal with slab foundations ya better not be missing this stuff;-)

Charley … Just curious. Looks like coil on insulation / on wood OR am I seeing it wrong. Upflow OR downflow unit.

If thats wood under it, don’t they put a pan under AC coil down there.

Down flow furnace and yes it was a piece of OSB board beneath the A-coil

Charley…I’ve seen a lota ducts beneath the slabs here, but the only thing I’ve ever come across is rodent piss—:stuck_out_tongue:

Death Valley prolly has somtin to do with it I’m guessin…:stuck_out_tongue:

I am blessed with paranoia I would check the ducts even if they were located on the moon prolly drier than Death Valley;-)

my wag, Charley

The evaporator coil must be installed in the discharge/supply air of a gas unit.
Do not install an evaporator coil in the return air, or excessive condensation will occur within the unit.

A follow up on this the buyers turned down this home after getting cost estimates to repair from 2 contractors one at $800.00 and one at $10,000 I guess my estimates were in the middle

I just inspected the second home for them and it is a keeper:D:D