New Addition

Our First child was born this past Monday. I would like to thank all of you who have shared their wisdom and sent messages with advice. My wife and I greatly appreciate. Thank you all so much.

Congratulations Ian…I was lucky enough to raise two (one of each gender) and there’s no greater responsibility nor feeling in raising children you can be proud of.

Congrats Ian !!!

All the best Ian.

Thanks guys.

Congrats Ian,

The early years are the best…and easiest, so enjoy your little one all you can!


That’s great Ian. Now all you need is a real job to put you son through college!!

Congratulations Ian. New life is a wonderful thing in a family.
And it only takes about 13 years for them to start demanding an allowance.
That is when a second job comes in. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

Nice Ian! Congrats to you and your wife! :slight_smile:

Thak you guys, we all appreciate it. Linas, you may be on to something there!

Congratulations to you and your bride, Ian.:smiley:

I used to think that children were expensive when mine were little… I’ve found that having teenagers has changed my thinking a bit :slight_smile:

The first 5 years are really important for them, the children don’t know if they are wearing fancy stuff or not, but your input and guidance will make a difference.

Good Luck!

Good advice Tim, thanks.

Congrats Ian
A child is a gift to the parents. Enjoy

Congrats ian!!!