New Inspector

Just found out that my newest inspector will be a boy.

Due early December.

Mom is doing well and big brother (who’s 7) is thrilled about the prospect of a little brother.


Congrats Rick! :slight_smile:


Congrats… great news…!

WOW!! Congratulations Richard!!

Congrats Rick!

Way to go Rick.
Looks like you still have swimmers.

Congrats Rich.
So when does he get his own membership?

Congrats Rich. Nothing better than hearing news like yours.


Congratulations Rick!

Richard Congratulations!

I hope that “Mama” and your new baby son will continue to be healthy and that you ALL have a terrific Christmas!:stuck_out_tongue:

Attaboy, Rich. Congrats on little Rich.

Where’s my cigar?

Congrats Rich!!

Congrats Rick!!!

Gongratulations to your family! \:D/