New and improved "Safe Practices for the Home Inspector"

After extensive input by industry experts, and drawing upon our massive articles archive, we’re happy to announce that our core inspector safety course, “Safe Practices for the Home Inspector,” has been overhauled and updated!

Free to members and non-members alike, and worth six Continuing Education credit hours, “Safe Practices for the Home Inspector” now includes 13 quizzes and the following updated sections and chapters:

Introduction to Inspector Safety
• Welcome
• A Brief Word Regarding OSHA’s Role
• Inspector Liability
• InterNACHI Residential Standards of Practice
• The Limitations of a Home Inspection
• To Exceed or Not to Exceed
• 12 Steps That Help Inspectors Avoid Lawsuits

Basic Tools and Tips
• Apparel for Safety and Professionalism
• Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
• Inspection Signage
• Tools of the Trade
• Tools of the Business
• Avoiding Common Back Injuries

Ladder Operation and Safety
• What is a Ladder?
• Ladder Injury Statistics
• Protecting Yourself
• OSHA’s Requirements for Ladders
• Ladder Sizing and Ratings
• Inspecting a Ladder
• Setting Up and Using a Ladder
• Ladders and Electricity
• Review

• Inspecting Roofs & Risk Factors
• Gaining Access to the Roof
• Fall-Arrest Systems
• Alternatives to Walking a Roof

The Exterior
• Asbestos Cement Siding Inspection
• Lead Paint Hazards

Heating Systems
• Gas-Fired Combustion Appliances
• Gas-Fired Wall and Floor Heaters
• Oil-Fired Combustion Appliances
• Electric Heating Systems

Electrical Systems
• PPE for Electrical Inspections
• Using a Voltage Detector
• Removing Panel Screws
• Removing the Dead Front
• Inspecting the Panel Interior
• Replacing the Dead Front

Confined Spaces
• What is a Confined Space?
• Permit-Required Confined Spaces
• Attic Inspection
• Attic Pull-Down Ladders
• Crawlspaces, Cellars & Other Confined Spaces
• Unseen Hazards

Unusual Hazards in Problem Homes
• Hydroponics Inspection
• Marijuana Grow Operations
• Meth Labs

Post-Disaster Inspections
• Inspecting After an Emergency

Animal and Pest Hazards
• Dealing with Dogs
• Arthropods and Snakes

What to Do in Case of an Injury
• General First-Aid Information and Disclaimer
• What to Do If You Fall from a Ladder
• Skull Fractures
• Closed-Head Injuries
• Broken Bones
• Electrical Burns
• Puncture Wounds
• Severe Bleeding
• Animal Bites
• Snake Bites
• Animal Bites
• Bee Stings
• Minor Cuts and Scrapes

Please tell us what you think of the revamp, even if you’ve already taken the course and earned your CEs!

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